Saturday, February 23, 2008

Top Thanet Blog Now 'Members Only'

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Showbiz Editor Gloria Stitts

Richard Eastcliff, the isle's most popular millionaire showbiz celebrity, has transformed his website into a swish private members club. Entry is now strictly by invitation only.

'I wanted to keep out the riff-raff,' he told the Gazunder. 'I was being swamped with customers, many of whom would just buy a packet of crisps and then hang around all day. This way I can be more selective about who I let in.'

The former TV Times Personality of the Year has given the blog a £1m makeover, with luxurious new facilities such as a faux-fur-lined chat room and chill-out areas with expensive leather seating. He added: 'There's definitely a place in Thanet for an upmarket club where people can relax and admire my jottings without feeling intimidated or nervous about the kind of company they're keeping.'

Richard Eastcliff is 29.


Anonymous said...

I have decided to follow your example and make my blog "invitation only". What lies behind the gate, though, is nothing as grand as your refurbished creation.

I have concluded that given the wild allegations, statements and claims that are circulating just now, there really is no point in continuing to post.

I very much doubt I will re-open the blog. It seems to me that recent events have completely removed the fun and rough and tumble of local blogging; it is no longer what it was.

A climate of threat, menacing remarks and "warnings" is not what I thought blogging was about, but it is what we seem to have in Thanet.



Kathy said...

Where's my invite? I am feeling very dejected!! A bit like when you go to a Bebo page which announces 'you have no friends.'
I need my weekend chuckle and if I can't get in I may pine!!!!

derick97 said...

A sad day for thanet blogging,
I might have to resort to buying the local rag,
oh well

Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember Thatcher's ridiculous ban on the IRA which ended up in them being dubbed by actors.

In no way did I agree with what the IRA said or but as a journalist I fought tooth and nail for their right to say it in a country which allegedly prides itself on freedom of speech.

The old school Tories in Thanet still dream of the day when Thatcher will return to power, and it seems they are still using her methods of to deny any dissenters 'the oxygen of publicity'.

Anonymous said...

Ovit is going to be very lonely from now on,poor old johnny no mates,and of course seeing as it was his bitter comments that started all this in the first place it he has shut the gate for any of us to comment,talk about pots and kettles.
I suppose next he will try to erase his comments from all other blogs in the hope that he won't be found out.

Anonymous said...

OVIT has nothing to be found out about on, 11.47. You have missed the point about why there is a sudden rash of allegations from one of 3 bloggers who have been happily sniping at each other for the last couple of years or more!

Unlike 'Time Team's' last visit to Thanet, similar activity in Thanet can appear to upset the locals.

Jo said...

I am so sad that this has happened. I love this site as it is anarchic, funny and very truthful about our naff council.

It is strange to think that robust local debate should be silenced because a polititian happens to disagree with it. But Hey that's thanet council for you a law unto itself. (oh sorry i shouldn't have said that they may take offence)


Ken Gregory said...

No one should believe that Thanet Councillors are kill joys, some Thanet Councillors may need a sense of humour transplant, but most of us can laugh with the rest of you.
Me, if someone takes the pi** so be it, I will get my own back some day, but mean time , we've all had a chuckle.

Simon was caught in the position where his family was abused to their face,in my view, unacceptable. He took, what he perceived, as the only way out.

If that were tried with me , I may well take another course of action.

kathy said...

What a silly, childish game you play, my dear.
Still, the truth will 'out' about most people when they don't get their own way!
Don't worry, mummy probably did love you (as best she could, in her own way) but most likely didn't want you to think you were being spoilt.
The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men, eh?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Eh? Are you feeling alright Kathy? You're not making a lot of sense there!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Anon 11.47, but Dr Moores has said that he has been accused of business fraud and computer fraud. I have had absolutely nothing to do with either of those alleged accusations. In line with many recent commentators, I have not seen the accusations.

He has said that his family have been abused - Mr Gregory has clarified that this was not on line but face to face. Again, absolutely nothing to do with me.
I would freely condemn any extension of blogging exchanges to include Dr Moores's family.

I have restricted my blog because it seemed sensible and responsible, with all the threats, allegations and claims circulating, to try to reduce the temperature and encourage some cooling off. Michael Childs expressed some sensible thoughts around "truces" on another blog recently and I have been acting in that spirit.


Anonymous said...

I am totally unfamiliar with blogs and all this new techno stuff, but just as soon as I was starting to show an interest, because there seemed to be an open forum of debate developing, some person has chopped the dafodil down to ground level based on the ludicrous assertion that his non-existent profile save as in relation to the protestations he himself made. IE they were a tool to stifle a truly free debate in the local area which is something those in power cannot stand. It is hard to see how the bloggers want to cause individuals harm in any way, at least no more that some decent common-room jousting. Some can take it, some cannot I guess.
The official media is not transparent to your average local, and many would see a truly open debate as a much needed breath of fresh air. No concerns as to who is paying for the advertising, or funding the media, or controlling the editorial. This is England is it not?

Anonymous said...

I think, because of the nature of the internet, that it's quite hard to tell what's England and what isn't!