Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amnesty Puts Chinese on the Menu

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Human Rights Correspondent C.I.A. Waterboard

Local Amnesty International campaigners will be ordering a large helping of Chinese in Broadstairs tomorrow night - by discussing ways of campaigning against the country's appalling human rights track record.

Members will be welcoming top Amnesty organiser Nora Cranston, who will be running a workshop on campaigning in China ahead of the Beijing Olympics. Plans by local millionaire Ken Wills to build a 3m sq. ft. Chinese business park at Manston are also likely to be on the menu.

The Chinese government is well known for its human rights abuses, which include persecuting freedom of speech. News coverage in China is required to be 80% positive and 20% negative, just like here in Thanet (Shurely shome mishtake? - Ed.)

The Amnesty meeting starts at 7.30pm and is being held at the Quaker Meeting House, St Peter's Park Road, Broadstairs.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that Mr Wills will not be showing them around in his Range Rover!

Anonymous said...

The BBC report 80 people killed in anti-China protests in Tibet. I hope TDC are proud of their association with these murdering bastards.