Friday, September 08, 2006

Ten Things You Didn't Know About the Isle of Thanet

by Ricky Pedia

1. The word 'Thanet' comes from the Ancient Greek word for 'pork pie'.
2. If all the people on the island jumped up and down simultaneously, the Isle of Wight would sink.
3. The first Thanetians wore balaclavas.
4. Somewhere in the centre of the island there is rumoured to be buried a treasure chest full of taps.
5. The main crop grown on the island is tagliatelle.
6. If a sheep is seen on the island, it is considered bad luck.
7. Ship wrecks are treated as common property and are sold off to buy deck chairs.
8. There is only one ocelot on the island.
9. The further east you go on the island, the more snow you will encounter.
10. Thanet men are often referred to as 'cheese men' for their propensity not to change their socks for long periods.

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