Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Regeneration Plan 'C'est tres bon!'

by our Europe Correspondent Phillipe Fillope

In a brave move Thanet District Council have decided to avoid criticism from the public by pretending to be French.

The new plan means all public correspondence will be re-routed to a small rubbish burning plant in Pas de Calais, while any verbal enquiries are to be dealt with by repeated use of the word 'Quoi' followed by a Gallic question mark (L'marque questionaire).

Under the new scheme future council meetings will be held at checkout four of the duty-free warehouse 'Eastenders', and Sandy Ezekiel is to change his name to Plage Aznavour.

A council spokesman told the Gazunder: "The move is seen as the latest step in achieving 'L'excellence d'council' and is designed to boost morale throughout all parts of TDC." He added: "Most staff are bored with the dull blue flame of burning pounds, and much prefer the green tinge from igniting piles of euros."


Anonymous said...

Surely you mean 'Garlic' question mark?

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