Friday, August 25, 2006

Ask Sandy

Each week we put your questions to Thanet Council Leader, Sandy Beach.

Q: Sandy, how are you going to re-generate Margate?
A: Going to? Going to? We are flippin' well re-generatin' it. Cor blimey, what a bleedin' nerve. You ask me about re-generating Margate? Bloomin' priceless. On yer bike, yer cheeky sod.

Q: Sandy, a lot of people in Thanet are worried that not enough is being done about anti-social behaviour. What are your plans?
A: Plans? Plans? Flippin' nerve. We've already set up a flippin' hotline, yer cheeky sod. On yer bike.

Q: Sandy, have you ever answered a question without taking credit for doing something, whilst simultaneously blaming somebody else for the problem?
A: Blamin' somebody else? Blamin' somebody else? Cheeky git. Flippin' nerve. On yer bike.

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