Saturday, August 26, 2006

Famous Actor Orders Toasted Ham And Cheese Sandwich

by Our Showbiz Editor Richard Eastcliff

Famous actor and good mate of mine Timothy Spall was spotted in Margate today. Looking fit and relaxed, the Auf Wiedersehen Pet star sipped Becks beer and ordered a toasted ham and cheese panini at the Harbour Café in the old town.

Spall, who recently starred as greengrocer and hangman Albert Pierrepoint, was taking a break from his hectic career to eat a sandwich.


tony flaig said...

What was in the sandwich

tony flaig said...

i didn't read the headline

Eastcliff Richard said...

He almost went for the chorizo, but in the end decided he didn't want salami. And there was a bit of banter with the delightful Florence, the French waitress. He said he'd love to wake up one morning and magically be able to speak French. I don't think there'd be a red-blooded male in Thanet who would argue with that!