Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Service

led by the Bishop of Thanet, The Right Reverend Harry Piehole

Walking along one of our island's glorious beaches this week, it was hard not to be reminded of Our Lord Godden's work. Empty buildings covered in graffiti, boarded up shops, and deserted amusement parks, peopled only by pit bulls and feckless youths sporting ugly tattoos.

Let us pray that we soon find the courage to rectify these things, and that our once proud cities regain their status as the bustling seaside resorts of yesteryear, with the happy sound of laughing families pouring their ten pence pieces mindlessly into one-armed bandits, or attempting to mow down complete strangers on the 'dodge 'ems'.

It is true that Our Lord works in mysterious ways, and by providing us with motorised vehicular transport, he has given us the means with which we can warm our planet up, thus ensuring our climate here on the island becomes more like that of Benidorm.

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