Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Row Over Council's Chip and Bin Plan

by Staff Reporter

A row has broken out over Thanet Council's plan to regulate the amount of chips eaten by every household on the island.

New wheelie bins, which can be driven away and inspected by specially appointed council dieticians, are being introduced across Thanet. The dieticians will be looking for signs of fatty food consumption, such as old chip wrappers, empty sauce sachets, and the smell of vinegar.

A spokesman for the council said: "Once it has been established how many chips each household is consuming, we'll be introducing new laws aimed at cutting the number of fry-ups Thanetians consume in half. We estimate the new limit will be around 30 a week."

It is hoped the scheme will also be self-funding through a reduction in the number of people who have to have to be lifted out of their homes by crane to go shopping. The council currently carries out over 12,000 such operations each week.

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