Sunday, August 27, 2006

Life's a Beach! with Dane Valley Ted

This Week: Viking Bay, Broadstairs

Named after that well known trans-sexual Violet/Vince King, the bay is famous for many reasons.

Who can forget the five-legged donkeys and the crabs we used to catch on a Saturday night in the car park behind the Dolphin?

The sight and sounds of the Morris men promenading with their sticks in their hands is forever an endearing sight, but a bit worrying if your shoelace comes undone.

The moon rising at night as another local girl gets her wish for a council flat. The fireworks on a Wednesday night as the local lads take on all comers on the beach. And, of course, the well maintained tradition of tipping over the beach hut.

The sun, the sea and the sand in your salad. Ah, happy days!

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