Friday, August 25, 2006

Thrusting New Organ

Welcome to my thrusting new organ, The Isle Of Thanet Gazunder.

Since I first cast my celebrity eye on our quaint little island, I've turned over many a stone, and incinerated what crawled out from underneath it with my magnifying glass of satire. Having millionaire-sized pockets helps, not only for keeping a large magnifying glass in, but also for paying my crack team of media lawyers to see off any chancers who fancy suing me.

Unfortunately, however, it's impossible for one man alone to turn over all the stones, and do all the incinerating. That's why I've founded The Gazunder.

With me as Editor and Proprietor, and a happy band of satirists at my disposal, we'll be on the look-out for anything that crawls or smells a bit whiffy. Think of The Gazunder as Thanet's very own, sweet-smelling Magic Tree, committed to de-stenchifying the rotten, sordid, malodorous cess-pit of public and private corruption. Enjoy!

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